Artist’s Statement

Viewers often have multiple perspectives of the same scene: the thrill of the grand-view, the miracle of the details of a flower. This visual duality has engaged my mind for many years, both as a scientist and as an artist. I am fascinated by the synergy of the big picture and the details, or poetry and images, when viewed at the same time. While there is a totality in either perspective, when both are observed together, there is a synergy that results in a deeper appreciation of the whole.


I have been enjoying image-making for over 35 years, both in my practice as a scientist and my passion as a photographer. The beauty of the patterns and colours seen under a microscope drew me to study chromosomes to investigate the effects of environmental mutagens on the genetic material of insects, plants and humans. The clinical application of cytogenetics (the study of chromosomes) also led to an appreciation of details in the context of understanding human growth and development.

I took early retirement after a career as a clinician, scientist, researcher and educator to pursue my passion for image-making. I studied Digital Photography and Design at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland in 2004-2005. Currently a resident of Comox, British Columbia, I am attending the North Island College pursuing a Diploma in Fine Arts and Design while enjoying the stupendous beauty of the mountains and the sea.

Darrell J. Tomkins


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